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Day 20 (post op day 16)

Today (Thursday) we walked over to the hospital and as I mentioned in Tuesday’s post it was to be today that Harry would have his leg’s and feet measured and to find out what the serial casting had achieved so as you can imagine we was a little nervous as yesterday was a significant day with the cast’s coming off and seeing those two lovely flat feet. Michael met us promptly and made a big fuss of Harry and his new trainer’s and Harry walked in on his frame with real purpose. Michael positioned Harry on the treatment table for the measuring and from that moment everything seemed to go wrong Harry struggled and was not happy again , Michael jotted down the result’s and then tried to placate a very upset Harry who just wanted to touch everything that he should not be touching the more Michael tried to appease him the worse he became. Blair came in to the room to look at the results and then Beth and then the new’s we had dreaded, although the casting’s had given Harry increased range in the ankle  they felt it would be best for Harry to go back in to cast’s until Monday at least. With us being told the complete opposite new’s that we wanted and the fact Harry was not doing what was being asked was too much for Shane and she blurted out something about Michael not being the ideal physio for Harry as Harry was not responding to his way’s and method’s like he did for Beth and Blair. I looked at Michael and he looked crushed his face told a story and it was the first time I had seen Michael look this way and I felt for him. Beth and Blair said it was up to us if we was to go ahead with the recasting and left us then Michael apologised to us for not being able to motivate Harry in to completing his task’s, with that Shane left the room in floods of tear’s she never wanted to hurt Michael’s feelings but felt she had done. I explained to Michael as I had done a few day’s ago that Harry is a sensitive little soul and has alway’s had female physiotherapist’s and just seem’s to respond better to female’s and it was his not his fault, Michael took what I said onboard but still looked upset. I know from what I have read and heard from other parent’s how good Michael really is he has a wacky over the top sense of humor and alway’s give’s 100 percent and his fellow work colleague’s hold him in high regard but with Harry it was not happening as we had hoped and when your time is precious you just want your child to flourish and we know when we return home the expertise that has been across the road from us will be many mile’s away. Laura from the Orthotic’s team came in to the room with Harry’s new splint’s two pair’s one for day’s and a set for night’s they are to be worn to maintain the heel cord stretch and hopefully prevent Harry from further surgery. Shane came back into the room with puffy eye’s and Michael managed to get Harry standing on a steep wedge to give his leg’s a stretch then Erica appeared and asked what were the result’s of her casting’s I told her and then said what Beth and Blair had suggested and  how we had been so elated yesterday and now so deflated today, she came up with an idea that Beth and Blair said was ok and that was for us to put Harry in to his splints straight away and use them until Monday and come back in to be measured and if this fails to give Harry the required range then he would have his leg’s recasted  later that day. At least it would give Harry some time off over the weekend with out the cumbersome cast’s but he will be wearing the fibreglass leg splint’s. Harry finished off on the total gym but was still unhappy and for the second day running I was glad to leave. We purchased a second pair of trainers to fit over Harry’s splints and Harry managed over four hour’s in them. It has not been one of our best day’s in St.louis but no one said it was going to be a walk in the park and I alway’s felt that we would have difficult day’s and this has been one but it’s how you deal with it and how you carry on, their might be tear’s of frustration from anyone of us but there are also tear’s of joy and I am sure the latter will prevail!!!!!!


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  1. Keep going Biffa, you and Shane are doing Harry proud. You might think these setbacks are epic but just look back at what’s been achieved in the past 2 and a half weeks overall and you’ll see what amazing progress Harry’s making. Keep your heads up and keep smiling mate.

  2. Sounds like its tough going at the moment but I’m sure it will be worth all the pain in the long run, you know when Harry’s walking around you’ll get so much enjoyment it’s going to be worth it. Hope it gets better quickly see you soon

  3. Hi Shane and Chris
    I’ve just read your latest news and really feel for you guys. Although you knew there would be some down days it’s still hard – watching your child in such distress is devastating for a parent. I just want you to know that everyone here at St Mary’s is praying so hard for you all – they have been living each moment with you – and every week I tell them what has been happening – it’s quite a sight seeing a whole church with tears of joy as we hear of Harry’s progress. The challenges you face are daunting but don’t give up hope. I’m sure that Michael will have experienced emotional sessions like you had on Thursday before, and now that you have explained Harry’s sensitivity I’m also sure that will make any future sessions less tense than the last one. Shane, you’re a mum and you only want the best for your child – you mustn’t feel too bad about your reaction – Michael obviously saw how upset you were and will have taken that on board. Although I’ve not experienced anything like what you’re going through, I know that I would do exactly the same and have done so when my own children have been in hospital. Keep going – we are with you in spirit – and send you all our love. BIG KISS FOR HARRY. X
    God Bless

    • Thank you Kim for your understanding, its a comfort to know all of you at St Mary’s are with us even though you are all many miles away we feel your love and support, not long until we see you all now, love to all big hugs Shane Chris and Harry xxx

  4. Sharon Greenwood said:

    Hello you wonderful people!

    Ditto to what everybody else has already written and just to add that we continue to be with you in your great days and the difficult ones…..espaecially the difficult ones. All our thoughts and prayers remain with you as this whole journey must be full of Good Friday and Easter Day experiences. (You have travelled so far since Harry’s baptism, whoever would have thought back then you would be where you are now?)

    So we send all our support, all our love and big hugs and cuddles to three of you.. Shane and Chris,such wonderful parents and of course Harry one of your wonderful children.

    Lotsaluv Guys

    Richard Sharon Paul Victoria and Captain
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (and a big waggy tail)

    Richard Sharon Paul and Victoria

    • Thank you all for your lovely comments, we can’t believe we have come this far since Harrys Baptism, this journey seemed such a long way off back then but really that was just the beginning, cant wait to get home now and see everyone, thank you for your continuing support it really means alot to us, see you soon Big Hug, Shane Chris an Harry xxxx

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