This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

Day 25 (post op day 21)

Looking back, the last Three week’s since surgery has flown past and Harry has done really well, better than I thought was possible and we are now really looking forward to a brighter future. Not being able to walk is something you can only ever imagine and it is a task that most people do without even thinking. If you could imagine what it must be like not being able to walk and how your life would be different and how your family’s life would be different and to be dependent on other’s, in my opinion it has to be one of the worse disabilities you could possibly have…. to deal with being in a wheelchair for the rest of your life watching the world go by without you. It must take a special type of person to ever come to term’s with that predicament and there are many that have but im not sure that I could. And now we push on and try to entice Harry to work hard so he can look forward to being able to join in and play with his brother and sister’s and cousin’s that he admire’s so much but has watched them have fun from afar. And work hard he did today under the wing of the cool calm and collective Beth, Beth had Harry walking up and down stair’s and off of steps and curbs all things he will need to be able to master if he is to make the progress that we so hope for, there was some sitting and standing exercise’s Beth said more than once today how Harry surprise’s her in his determination and his ability to overcome the task’s and to hear that, it really mean’s so much to us. Balance is one thing Harry has to find and we are doing all that we can to help him, he is building new muscle all over his body and this will help achieve the balance and give Harry more confidence to perform at a higher level.


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