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Day 24 (post op day 20)

Three visit’s to the hospital today the first at 8.30 for Harry to be measured after spending the weekend in his splint’s we was met by Erica and I walked with her to the casting room and as she had all the equipment out ready to cast  I immediately thought that they fully expected Harry to not reach the required measurement range and the recasting was a formality. Harry laid on the bed and must have thought not again as his eye’s locked on to all the bandages and packet’s of powder and other various bit’s and bob’s. Blair got down to the nitty-gritty and took the measurements and then Erica double checked and Harry had come up trump’s because he had hit the range of movement required so happy day’s and Erica and Blair put your casting equipment away. Me and Shane were chuffed and felt really good all the hard work over the weekend had paid off.

Next up was physio with Michael at 11.00 another good session with Harry walking on his sticks riding on the tricycle and on the total gym for the leg press work out. Harry seems to have come to terms with Michael over the last few session’s and that is credit to Michael adapting himself to Harry’s needs. These session’s cost around £230.oo an hour that’s why we have felt Harry need’s to get the maximum benefit, there is nothing that I have seen that compares to this back home the most Harry will get is a 6 x 1 hour session’s with a NHS physio and with no equipment.

Our last visit was to at 3.30 pm to meet Dr Park for one last time before we head home next Monday the 28th. He wanted to see how Harry had progressed and to make sure he was fit and healthy to travel home next monday the 28th. Harry did not disappoint Dr Park and Dr Park did not disappoint us in his valued assessment of our beloved son. Dr park has given us great hope for Harry’s future with his prediction’s of what Harry could achieve, and with the right guidance  and lot’s of hard work we feel he will achieve all his goal’s, because we have been given this chance by so many wonderful  kind-hearted people, family and friend’s and stranger’s who have come together as one in these past six month’s and sent us on an unbelievable journey 5000 miles away from home to a wonderful team of professionals who have been superb in the way they have treated Harry, we owe it to each and everyone of you to make The Dream come true…. We wont let you down.!!!!!!


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  1. Betty Lillie said:

    Brilliant!!!!!!! There are so many prayers flying your way it could not help but work. Thank God for all those professionals and all the hard work Harry and you guys have put in
    Much love and Blessings

  2. Marguerite Bailey said:

    I have stopped to have a break from housework, while preparing for my family to come home. I have just read your last report Chris, and the tears have come, and they wont stop.
    Seeing my beloved grandson sitting on Dr. Parks lap, has made me realise how lucky we have been for this dream ,that we thought about six months ago, has really happened. God has blessed us with the love and generosity of our fellow man, for this to happen.
    For me and I know my family we will be eternally greatful. Hurry home Harry Chris and Shane, we have missed you so much. Love and Gratitude to everybody who cared enough.

  3. Hi Shane, CHris and Harry
    what wonderful news!! Can’t really see to write much – got no tissues! I’m so pleased for you all – you have worked so hard, and being so far away from home must have sometimes been difficult. It’s been an amazing journey, and I know that it still continues, but we are all praying so much for you. Harry’s picture is in the chapel with his candle, so you can be assured that he and you are always in our thoughts everyday. Can’t wait to see you all return home. God bless you all.
    Much love

  4. Sharon Greenwood said:

    Great news great result.
    Great commitment, great dedication Great Family

    Love and hugs to everyone including Dr Park.
    They say Simon Cowell is in America at the moment,if you see him, big hugs to him too!!

    See you soon

    Sharon and Familyxxx

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