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Thanksgiving Day

A very quiet day today everything grinds to a halt on Thanksgiving day it was so quiet outside on the main road that Harry slept until 7.45am so much better than the usual 6.30am. No physio today as the physio staff where on a public holiday and spending special times with their family’s. Shane put in some extra work with Harry and we spent the morning doing housework and catching up with family on the computer and then went for a stroll round the very quiet street’s of St Louis.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Day" (4)

  1. So gald to hear Harry’s doing so well, I guess having great parents like you two really helps him. Wishing you a safe journey home and into the arms of your excited family!!!
    Hope to see you soon
    Love to Harry from
    Nicki & Kevin ~(the other ones!) xxxx

    • Thanks Nicki and Kev for your kind words … We arrived home early Sunday and has a emotional reunion with family we are glad to be home see you soon xxxx

  2. Chris, Shane and Harry…great to hear your wonderful story so far. We’ve all been thinking of you over recent weeks & months, and it’s been great to be able to share all of the huge breakthroughs Harry has made since the operation. Hope you had a safe journey home, and look forward to hearing more super updates in coming weeks/months/years.
    All the best, Andy, Suzi, Henry & George

    • Hi Andrew and family glad you liked the diary and thank you for your support I am sorry I have not completely finished it as we came home a couple of days early due to having some concerning new’s back in England …. Once again thank you for all your input and help.
      Take care.

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