This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

The weekend Day’s 22 & 23

Harry did not sleep very well friday night and woke several times then he said his night splint’s where hurting him so we ended up taking them off he then settled waking about six and got in with us for another couple of hour’s. The day started bright and sunny we met our friend’s at the Zoo in the afternoon it was our third visit Harry just wanted to go on the train I think he enjoyed that more than anything he was walking on his frame the majority of the time and even went up a long slope it took him longer than normal but he would not be beaten by it and every time I asked him if he wanted a carry he would say “No dad me do frame” His strength and stamina is definitely returning and that is really encouraging. Harry’s mum Shane continue’s to put in all the hard work with physio everyday back at the apartment and this will continue when we get home I am sure it’s Shane’s determination to push Harry through his physio programme that has enabled him to get to somewhere near pre op strength and stamina already. Talking of home we are counting down the day’s now we just want to be reunited with our other children and our family’s and good friends we miss you all very much. Sunday we took Harry to see Father Christmas and with Santa holding Harry I was not sure how he would be but he was fine, funnily I think my Dad having a beard helped the situation 12 months ago I think Harry would have gone Ballistic but he has really changed socially. Even since the operation he seem’s more sure of himself and definitely more cheeky. Tomorrow (Monday) we are back at the hospital to see if wearing the splint’s over the weekend will have avoided Harry from being recasted finger’s crossed.


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