This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

Day 21 (post op 17)

What a difference a day make’s…… As we walked over to the hospital for our last physio session before the weekend we did wonder how Harry would be as the two previous day’s had not been too good. Michael was waiting for us and he took Harry in to the Gym and strapped him into the Bio Tec Machine and Harry did both legs extending leg out from knee and back down with the machine giving resistance against the legs. Michael kept this session on the move by mixing up the session and moving Harry from one piece of equipment to another and that kept Harry busy and he seemed to have more focus he went around the assault course and on to the treadmill then in to the soft play. We came out feeling a lot better than when we went in so well done Michael (good job Bud) as they say over here. In the afternoon we took Harry to the Science Center and he was in his element with computers to play with and button’s to touch it was difficult to get him home we had to promise him we would go back.


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