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Day 19 (post op day 15)

A great day at physio yesterday was followed by a not so great one today, Harry did not really want to cooperate in any way, I don’t want to make any excuses for him maybe he was just fed up and did not fancy it maybe it was something else but today was the first day I wanted to hurry up and get out. We walked back to the apartment forgetting about what had gone before because we were looking forward to relieving Harry from his concrete boots or casts. A warm bucket of water a pair of scissors and half hour later and Harry’s feet ankle and calf’s felt the cool American air once again. Then Harry had his first bath for a week and he loved it after the bath and once dressed Harry seemed to have a new lease of life shorn of his lead boots he was pulling up on to anything that he could and his feet amazingly stayed flat on the ground. To me it was if his feet had grown by a couple of inches where I am so used to seeing him on tip toes… amazing. After his nap we went the to St Louis version of Bluewater and bought Harry his first pair of real trainers, again it was an amazing moment seeing flat feet in a pair of trainer’s  We held Harry’s hand and he walked perfectly straight picking his feet up and no feet turning in or dragging as he step’s forward it would have meant nothing to anyone who watched him but to us it was a absolutely fantastic sight and feeling!!!!


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  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful… your words and expression of thanks and delight are warming the cockles of hearts the world over. God has truly blessed you and us with a remarkable few weeks.

    Harry, Shane and you are truly inspirational…

    Praise the Lord!

  2. hi shane, chris and harry………..truly pricless !!!!!!!!!!
    what wonderful progress in such a short time, thinking of you all everyday, all my family are following your journey and send there warmest wishes, looks like you guys have got the best christmas present ever, love you all so much, hope to see you all real soon…….love nikki x x x x

    • Thank you nikki, what a remarkable journey this has been too, its so nice to see the positive results from what we’ve put Harry through and the best is yet to come, theres been alot of tough emotional times so far and i’m sure we’ve got plenty more of them to come, but we’ll get there and get him on his feet as he so deserves. love to all and do wish that we see each other soon xxx

  3. Sharon Greenwood said:

    MANY Congratulations and well done!
    Captain wagged his tail with happiness.
    It is so exciting to follow your words which convey your experiences and feelings. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. It is just so emotional reading your diaries I cannot imagine what it must
    be like for you and your families.

    Prayers continue to be with you as does our love and best wishes
    Big hugs to all esp our Harry, we are counting the days to his next “bless head”
    Love and miss you all see you soon
    Sharon Richard Paul Victoria and Captain xxxxx

  4. Sharon Greenwood said:

    PS show us your big boys trainers Harry!

    Lots of Love


    • Hi Sharon glad your enjoying what i am writing i know the grammer could do with looking at but i will work on that 🙂 , thank you for wishes and prayers i will get a picture of Harry in his trainer’s asap and upload it.

      Take Care Chris Shane and Harry x

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