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Day 18 (post op day 14)

Two week’s post op and Harry had a real stand out day at his therapy session, his Physio today was Blair another top physio from Dr park’s team. Blair started Harry on the treadmill with a football on the floor and Harry attempting to kick it as it moved towards him it was a bit hit or miss with Harry more interested in any button that was within reach that he could press. Then some leg stretching and weight-bearing, then Blair was keen on Harry doing some walking on his stick’s and we managed to coax Harry to do an amazing Thirty feet walking, there was some wobbles and some moaning and a little bit of support but on the whole Harry managed an amazing feat and that was with both his feet still in the cast’s. Blair was really impressed and praised the work we have been continuing back at the apartment. The person who should take more credit than anyone is Harry’s mum Shane who is totally focused on getting Harry to fulfill his potential and over the last few night’s  has been encouraging Harry to use his sticks and it is starting to pay off well done Mum. Tomorrow (Wednesday) Harry will have his cast’s off and I cannot wait and I pray he wont have to have any more serial casting so we will be nervous on Thursday when Harry’s leg’s are measured to see if the cast’s have done their job. Then we hopefully can kick on building up Harry’s strength. We was back at the zoo this afternoon to see the animal’s we missed on saturday and then enjoyed a meal at a restaurant over the road. 14 day’s and home!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. hi chris , shane and harry, fantastic news that harrys therapy sessions are goin so well, he is doing so well bless him….. i sent a message about childrens treadmills on help harry walk wall, they look great, bradley is missing you all loads, take care , love to Harry 🙂

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