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Day14 (post op Day 10)

We have now been in America for two weeks and to be honest the time has flown and we hope the next 17 days come and go just as quick as we are missing our loved ones back home , being able to stay in touch with family and friends on skype via webcam has really helped and Harry gets so excited when he can see and hear the voices of his family. When the time does come to go we will miss all the team over at St Louis Children’s Hospital they have become like a second family to us in a very short space of time. Some might say that you have had to Fundraise to pay for Harry’s treatment and that is true and without all the kind people who donated and put their self out to get us here things would be so different but the compassion, dedication, skill and hard work the team put in plus the happy vibe and atmosphere you see and feel  is because in my opinion they want to change children’s life’s for the better and that’s what exactly they are doing and no amount of money pay’s for that. Back to today and when Harry woke about 7.00am and after being a little restless due to his cast legs I was wondering what sort of day to expect he was not happy with these cumbersome weights on each leg which was obvious by him not wanting to move from the comfort of the soft arm-chair . We made our way over to the hospital and I was honestly thinking that today would be a waste of time but again I was wrong and Harry even asked to go on the treadmill he did six hard minute’s it must have been like walking in glue but he did himself proud once again. He even managed some walking with his sticks assisted by Beth his physio. And he plodded on over the next hour getting on with it and not moaning once, so another good session was completed and Mum and Dad were happy.


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  1. Sharon Greenwood said:

    Hello Harry, Shane and Chris,

    So lovely to hear from you each day. We are all missing you very much,I presided at the eucharist today and missed doing a “bless head” on Harry who has become a little bit of a celebrity as so many people are
    talking about him.

    Our Christmas Bazaar was thiss weekend and it was very good. When you return we will be in the season of Advent and looking forward to you sharing that season with us.

    I will now attempt yet again to send this to you as I have tried for several days without success.

    Remember my psalm!!!

    Victoria sends love and big hugs and Captain says woof woof

    Lots of love and prayers as ever,

    Sharon and family XXXX

    • Hi Sharon and Family,

      Thank you for the message. We are really looking forward to coming home and seeing you all , we are glad the bazaar went well.

      Love to you all And Harry says big hugs to Victoria xxxx

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