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Day 13 (post op day 9)

Busy day for Harry today with two trips to the hospital the first being for physio with Michael at 10.00 and then to see Erica at 2.00pm. Harry worked hard again today, Michael had Harry strapped into a new machine to work his legs with the results being shown on a computer screen, Harry just wanted to push the buttons at first and needed some persuading to use his legs. He has to extend his leg out straight and then back down to 90 degrees but he did well. More hard work on the total gym and some floor work with some toys you sit on and use your legs to move forwards and backwards all good exercise for his quadriceps and hamstrings and then some walking with us holding his hands, his little legs where like jelly after and he could hardly support himself. After lunch and a nap for Harry we ventured out again with the hospital being our destination once more, I really wonder what goes through Harry’s mind every time we make our short journey, maybe the icy wind in his face had giving him something else to ponder as today was the day Harry was having both leg’s cast in plaster and we had told him to try to prepare him but I don’t know if he takes it in or not. When you tell him he just smiles back at you maybe he smiles because he loves us as much as we love him?  Anyway Erica and Blair did a good job and Harry was ok once he got his hand on a tv remote control that Michael had found and with Harry pointing the remote with no batteries at the tv and pressing the buttons and me changing the channel as I leaned against the television Harry was happy and that made it easier for Erica and Beth. Harry now seems to weigh double with his legs in casts and now has to stay off his feet until the morning. He has been having a little moan about them and has hardly moved as if they are weighing him down but I am sure he will get used to them until they come off next Wednesday. The reason he has had to have them is to give his feet a stretch at the heel cord area to try to give him maximum range of the foot, it’s called aggressive heel cord stretching by serial casting. Hopefully if this works it will rule out surgery that is not without possible complications. Lastly we took him to Toys r us for a little treat for being so good and while out and about we seemed to get funny looks from people as they noticed Harry with both his legs in cast’s I wondered what they where thinking , if only they knew the truth and if only they asked……………………………


Comments on: "Day 13 (post op day 9)" (2)

  1. The word “heroes” does not even begin to describe you guys… our prayers for you all remain as our admiration continues to grow!
    God Bless!!

  2. Thank you we just want to give him the best chance their is to conquer his disability and this will give him that chance.

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