This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

Day 12 (post op Day 8)

Harry continues his path to recovery by our daily physio session’s, this morning (Wednesday) we are seeing mad Michael at 10am, Harry has really taken to Michael and that surprise’s me because Harry is normally surrounded by female physio’s and there’s no other men that have had hands on work with Harry. Michael is a real extrovert full of excitement and praise although he has to tone it down a bit when working with Harry due to Harry’s sensitive nature. More treadmill work with the treadmill set to mimic an incline and some side stepping which Harry struggled with big time. Harry can side step around furniture but he can start and stop has he goes along but on the treadmill you can’t stop or you end up on your backside! The physio’s here at St Louis Children’s Hospital are second to none and me and Shane are taking in as much information as we can as we know we have to carry on in the same vein along with his private physio’s when we return to the UK. Some more leg pressing on a higher setting then Harry started to fatigue and became quite upset, Mum had to cuddle him, Michael managed to lift his mood by getting a special trike and Harry perked up a little bit we pushed him around and tried to get Harry to push those pedals and he did try hard . The motion of moving pedals is not something that come’s easy for a child that has had to live with tight legs for Three years but he had a go and thats all we can ask of him. You can probably tell by looking at the picture what he must be thinking. After the session we went to Kfc for some oversize chicken and then to Walmart to get some shopping having the red car makes it so much easier.


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  1. the bouchards said:

    Im reading this crying my eyes out with tears of happynes for you im really glad its going well for you lot im trying to catch up on the news but have cubs so i cant but when i am free i have a little read.

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