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Day 10 (post op day 6)

Harry is continuing to make progress and we can see he is getting stronger each day he is now doing all the things he could do before the operation and when I look back to the first couple of days after the operation I am so relieved it really did shock me to see him looking so weak. With him getting stronger the down side at the moment is he run’s out of steam quicker but we are told this is normal and his stamina will get better every day. Shane this morning worked on Harry using the Post op programme we was given and he really did well probably to well because when we made the short walk to the hospital for todays physio he looked like he was going to fall asleep. A packet of emergency fruit gum’s where deployed and seemed to be doing the trick until Harry started his first exercise and started to cry for Mum and it looked like for a little while that it could be a difficult session But mad Mike the physio managed to turn Harry’s mood and he soon got his focus back. Harry was introduced to a tread mill something that’s gonna play a big part in Harry’s rehabilitation and a tread mill will be needed at home. Harry really took to the machine even if he was only doing 0.2 mph over 4 minuets then on to a machine that help stretch his hamstrings and then on to the tripods for some structured slow walking he really tries and he has an inner determination and we are so proud of him. We have seen Harry today sitting in a chair looking really comfortable something he really struggled with he was even dancing  as he leaned up against the tv cabinet with the spasticitiy removed he has a new self-confidence and its amazing to see. He was even walking on his frame and lifting his legs like never before and showing off to our friend Gavin via skype. One thing more before i sign off is that to all our family we are really missing you all we love you all and thank you for what you’re doing and for what you have done. xxxx


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  1. Looking good Chrissy boy.

    All our love and best wishes Vach and Michele xx

  2. Hi Shane Chris and Harry

    I have been following your progress and am so pleased and so proud of you all. It is wonderful to see Harry on the treadmill – and the photo of him standing on his feet brought me tears – and indeed the whole congregation when I told them all on Sunday. The church had a 24 prayer vigil on the day of the operation as you know – it was a like a blanket of prayer was over the church which extended to you in America. I have been in the Holy land and in every church I said a prayer for you all – I even left a prayer at the wailing wall. You have been in my prayers and thoughts every day – and we light your candle every day Harry – and your picture is by the candle so we can see your lovely smiling face. We are so looking forward to seeing you all again. In the meantime, keep strong Shane and Chris, you are amazing – we love you very much. God Bless. Kim

    • Hi everybody at St Mary’s

      We are missing you all and are looking forward to coming home to be with all the people we love and once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the kindness support and love that you have shown us especially over the last six months we could have not done this without you and to Kim for taking Harry’s vigil on your pilgrimage. A Message from Harry to Colin ” excuse me young man” xxxx

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