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Day 11 (Pre op Day 7)

A week has come and gone, a week ago I was looking at Harry looking lost in a big hospital bed wired up to monitors and now he is back to his cheeky self, acting like the operation never happened they say kids bounce back from difficult situations well Harry is proof of that. Harry is now back using his frame and his walking  has become more controlled and his leg pattern has also changed and he had a good session on his frame this morning the down side at the moment is that he tires easily and that frustrates him. After the session and a lazy morning and then a nap in Mum’s arms there was time for a quick-lunch then over to the hospital for Therapy at 1.00pm . Today Harry was under the guidance of Beth she is really informative and softly spoken and Harry really likes her, more walking on the treadmill and a workout on the total gym and some balancing activities was  the order of the day. Beth thinks Harry is doing well and so are we, sometimes we forget he has only just turned three  his concentration level cannot be underestimated and that’s why we feel he will do so well. After the session ended we caught the Metro back to the airport to pick up a hire car just to break the days and do a bit of exploring in between physio therapy. I drove the car home nervously but got back in one piece, on the way to getting the car we asked Harry what colour car he wanted and he said Red and then he kept on  and on “we get red car dad” Was all I heard for the next half hour I started to think I should not of mentioned any thing about colours. At the desk I signed the paperwork got the all important Sat Nav and then followed the sale’s rep out to the car and what a sight to behold…. The car sat their gleaming all shiny and new Harry sitting in his pushchair stared at it with a big cheesy grin looking almost embarrassed why you might ask ….The car was Red!!!!!!!


Comments on: "Day 11 (Pre op Day 7)" (2)

  1. Pam Garrett said:

    We have been praying for you! Glad to hear Harry is doing well. It’s amazing-just AMAZING- how much progress each day can bring. Hope you are having an enjoyable stay in the States. -Pam Garrett & Carrie Smith

  2. HI Pam and Carrie Thank you for your support and kind words love Chris Shane and Harry x

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