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Day 9 (post op day 5)

This morning Harry was wide awake at 5.45 i jumped from my pull out bed for the last time already thinking about sleeping back in the apartment tonight no more hospital noises and more sleep. Back in the hospital room i was telling Harry to talk quietly as our room mates Adam and his Mum Joanne were still asleep. Adam has had the same operation as Harry he is 4 and is really doing well he has a beautiful smile and also like Harry and many more children from the UK he is a part of a unique group of family’s caught up in a rollercoaster of emotions as they look into the SDR procedure then try to find the funds. We have become firm friends with Adam,s Mum and Dad (Patrick and Joanne) we have a lot in common and they have helped us and i hope we have helped them. Breakfast time passed we gathered our belongings together ready to go and the went down for Harry,’s physio session with a lady called Blair, Harry went through his warm up the physio’s try to keep it fun and they really work hard with the kid’s. The highlight’s of the hour was seeing Blair and Shane supporting Harry as he took small wobbly steps around the gym then we  had to remind him to put his heels down and to walk slowly the heels need to come down to now get that stretch at the Achilles area of the foot now the spasticity has gone it is easier for Harry to get his heel down but in his mind he can’t so its a habit we have to break so we have to constantly remind him. Blair then tried Harry on some tripod sticks and he took some more steps while holding on to the sticks for dear life and still being held up by Blair. Blair was full of praise and enthusiasm and as a parent you hang on to her every word. We have seen progress every day and Harry is getting stronger we know this will take time and its about being positive and staying focused at the end of the day Harry is only 3 he works so hard and is so determined and we are so proud of him.After the physio finished we headed upstairs and said goodbye to our friends and the brilliant staff and went back to the apartment, Harry looked chuffed as we let ourselves in to the apartment we knew exactly what he was thinking 10 seconds later he was on the settee with the remote control in his hands pressing the buttons as if his life depended on it. He had that beautiful smile and looked totally innocent and i was just glad we was all back together.


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  1. Betty Lillie said:

    Keep it up all three of you, this is wonderful
    Lots of love
    Betty XXX

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