This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

Day 6 (post op day 2)

Harry had a good night he woke at 6am and wanted mum so dad had to think of a few diversion tactics until she appeared and when she did Harry had fallen back to sleep so all was good. He then woke again at 7.30am and had the biggest smile because mum was sitting next to him. We then have to get our entertainment heads on for the next few hours in between some juice and light breakfast. Harry met his orthotic specialist today and he cast his legs for his new braces that will help his legs. Harry had all his drips removed today and is now taking his medicine by mouth so we are moving in the right direction.We have noticed Harry looks far more relaxed his legs are getting in too positions he has never been comfortable with and even his voice sounds louder it’s if he has more puff. Harry went on Skype and said hello to his family and friends back in the UK that we are all missing and that cheers everybody up. tomorrow  (Friday) Harry starts his physio so lets see what tomorrow brings……. Sorry to keep you waiting with this post i did the original last night but lost it at a touch of a button take care all.


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