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Day 7 (post op day 3)

Another good night sleep for Harry apart from being a little restless between 1.30am and 2.30am but he settled and awoke at 6am not bad considering he had not taken any pain relief the last one being about 8pm the evening before. Today (friday) was a day that i(Dad) had been anxious about for a long time as it was the first time Harry was going to be getting out of bed since the operation today was a day that had been in my thoughts long before we even arrived in St Louis i was so unsure how Harry would be ? How he would feel inside and him not being able to tell us exactly what he is feeling. Well the moment came at 8.30am when the physio turned up her name was Barrie (yeah i know what your thinking) anyway she went over in fine detail how to pick Harry up without hurting him using a teddy to demonstrate then it was time for her to show us with our precious son she rolled him on to his side and with one hand supporting his shoulder and head and the other under his bottom she brought him upright on to the edge of the bed. Nothing prepares you …….. Harry looked like a rag doll barely being able to support his own head he had to really fight to get those neck muscles to work he got upset and looked uncomfortable i felt awful and so did Shane. He gradually seemed to get himself together finding some inner strength from some where deep inside his little body and then he had to lay down. Then it was Mum,s turn to show the physio that she could do it and like a expert she got him up straight and the in to his pushchair again the tears flowed and i bit my lip. We took Harry for a 40 min walk and during the walk we went to the children’s gym and Harry forgot the tears and wanted to get out of the pushchair to explore but he was not allowed so more tears. After the walk it was back to bed and some play time and then sleep he has his second session at 2pm today !


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  1. Alan Wyatt :-) said:

    Sounds like great progress Chris! Thank you for your updates – they are deeply moving and demonstrate so well the gravity and magnitude of Harry’s situation. But they also show very clearly that the love you have for Harry and each other is more than equal to the task.
    You all have our deepest and warmest prayers and wishes as your journey continues… God Bless!
    Kathy & Alan Wyatt

  2. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Bailey,
    I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thanks for sharing your story and letting me be a part of Harry’s miracle. Your love for your son is truly inspirational and he’s lucky to have such great parents! Wishing you the best if I don’t see you before you leave!

    Harry’s Nursing Student 🙂

    • Hello Theresa
      Thank you for taking the time to look at Harry’s story and for your kind words , we have met some wonderful people in our short time in St.Louis and you are right up their at the top of that list we are sure your going to make a wonderful nurse ….. Take care from Chris, Shane and Harry

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