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Day 5 (post op day 1)

Last night was a long one with Harry being unsettled so not much sleep especially for Mum and that carried on to the early hour’s i had to sleep in the family room and was grateful to have a recliner next to the 2nd loudest snorer in the world (Hi to Mark Jacomb and family if your reading this) Harry awoke about half six and we did all we could to pacify him thank godness for Mummy’s made up stories.

Harry managed for the first time in his little life to wiggle his toes this morning i know this may seem trivial to some but for us it was amazing and the first sign of something new and less than 24 hours from the operation. Harry had a good morning and was talking and for as long as it lasted I felt I had my son back. Any parent who has to look at their child looking limp and motionless and hooked up to a variety of monitors will know what I mean you feel utterly useless and you want to cradle them in your arms but you cannot for fear of hurting them. Harry then found he could turn the tv over by a remote control on the bed and he was happy as Larry. a visit from Dr Park lifted our spirits too. Harry even found time for a skype conversation with our friend Gavin, we managed to get him to drink and suck on some ice cubes all good. We then got the nod that Harry was being transferred to Floor 12 where he will spend the rest of his stay. Once settled Harry crashed out for 4 hours and then woke had some drink through a straw and some jelly then he became a bit humpy no remote for the tv in this room so we was in big trouble nothing would settle him so we had to let him tough it out himself. He stayed upset for about half hour then fell in to a deep sleep and its now 19.25 St Louis time and Harry remains asleep…Time to sign off.


Comments on: "Day 5 (post op day 1)" (6)

  1. Great to’s all been worth it…Shane,remember to get some sleep yourself, Sean X

  2. Elaine Shea said:

    Hi Chris & Shane

    I’m so glad the operation went well. Hope you’re both keeping well and looking after yourselves!


    • Thank you Elaine we are all ok , Harry got out of his bed this morning and went for a walk round in his pushchair we had a few tears but it was the first hurdle after being in bed for 3 days. take care Chris Shane and Harry x

  3. Pam. Davies said:

    Really good news to hear that so far everything is going well. Look after yourselves as well as Harry. Love and Prayers Pam.

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