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Day 4 (Operation Day)

Harry was up early this morning 4.00am so no need for the alarm i think he sense’s something. One thing we have done with Harry is try to explain to him what is going and explain it in a way that does not scare him. We made our way to the sixth floor of St louis children’s Hospital at 5.30am a quick 10 minute stroll from our apartment and was shown into our private room our home for the next 6 hours then to a ward for another medical and a chat about the procedure. Everybody here puts you at ease and are so caring it is so different ! Harry had to have some medicine and after 10 minutes he was relaxed and we changed him in to regulation pj’s. Then at 7.35am the part every parent dreads…. A slow walk to theatre and then we say our good byes lots of cuddles and kisses and the tears flow from me and Shane but only when Harry can no longer see us and more come when we can no longer see Harry. Now we have put Harry into God’s Trust and the hands of Dr TS Park who will weave his magic with his skilled hands and change our precious son’s future. Now the waiting begins……….

At around 10.30 am the man himself (Dr Park) came in and said how well the operation went and we felt good and Shane managed to put some tears on Dr Park as she hugged him. We waited another hour then we was able to see him in recovery. He was crying which we did not expect but we was told by the nurses that they was trying to get his pain under control so they upped the amount . Harry’s mum Shane held his little hand and did all she could to settle him and managed to reassure him and he started to rest. We then moved up to the intensive care unit where Harry will stay for about 24 hours . He has pain relief drugs on the hour and all the feeds are in to his legs he is laying on his back which he hates but has to stay that way for at least 48 hours because of the incision on his back. One of us will be able to sleep with him and one of us will sleep in the parents room and we can swap when we want. Its 17.20 and Harry has woken as I type and he is upset oh dear.


Comments on: "Day 4 (Operation Day)" (4)

  1. Waiting to hear…xx Sean

  2. typing this through tears, love ya shane, stay strong babe, nikki xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi nikki, I know your with us, love you too, all is going well! Xxx

  4. Shane,Glad to hear it was a success…love U.Sean x

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