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The Journey and day 1

After lots of teary good bye’s and messages of good luck from friends and family on thursday the plan was an early night thursday for an early start friday …. The early night was soon out of the window with all the last-minute packing and checking and double checking then you lay in bed and it finally hits you that this is the eve of a journey of over 5000 miles to take our son to America for an operation that will hopefully change his life forever. Not much sleep to be had when you cannot think of any thing else all the if’s and but’s and maybe’s but this is our only choice it has to work please God tell us we are doing the right thing ?

At 4.45am we woke and we was in the cab on the way to Gatwick by 5.15am everything ran smoothly and we was on the plane before we knew it we was seated ready to take off . After nine and a bit hours and four films and some very sub standard food later we arrived at Atlanta Georgia for our connecting flight another couple of hours and we was on our second flight to St. Louis an hour and eighteen minutes later touch down. We found our way to the taxi rank and loaded up for a twenty-minute journey to our apartment which took forty minute’s the driver we was blessed with was russian, short sighted and deaf and I did have to check at one point that we was in the US and not the USSR. $50 dollars later  and at 11.30 pm UK time 17.30pm St.Louis time we finally arrived at our home for the next 31 day and nights. Apart from an hour and a half sleep on the plane Harry stayed awake for 21 hours before finally crashing at 8.00 pm local time he was absolute star on the journey and made our day easier than we could have imagined.

Day One… Harry woke once through the night but settled quickly and eventually woke at 6.30 am not bad considering the time difference. We then got on pc and phone to contact family which was great for all concerned a bit of exploring and a trip to the most expensive grocery store in the world and a lot of relaxing in the afternoon and that was day one more or less …. if you miss us then we will be missing you xxx


Comments on: "The Journey and day 1" (2)

  1. Elaine Shea said:

    Dear Shane & Chris

    We’re all thinking of you here at Northfleet. Keep your spirits up and look after yourselves


    • Thanks Elaine, Harry went down to theatre at 12.30 uk time and we are now in a private waiting room and Dr Park’s team are keeping us updated

      Chris and Shane xx

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