This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

Message From Harry’s Nan

As Harry’s nanny, I just have to make a comment. I want to say how proud I am of my son Chris, and his partner Shane, Harry’s mummy and daddy. They have worked so hard to achieve their goal.
But this could not have happened without the help of so many wonderful people.
Rev Sharon,was the first to give us hope, then the wonderful Katherine and Gavin made our dream seem possible, and gave so much of their time to help us,from there everything escalated.
St Mary’s church in welling, well what can I say about the lovely people there, they have been the most loving generous, kindest, people we have ever met, we are so happy and greatful for their friendship and their love.
Rev Kim and Rev Sharon have both been an amazing support to us all.
Woodside Celtic FootballClub, who my son has played for on and off for years, they have showed true friendship to him, and I truly know my son would repay them with his help without a thought if they ever needed it.
There are so many people that I would like to mention, but I am sure you know who you are, My dearest family, dearest friends, people that we don’t even Know, people from abroad, just wonderful wonderful people that could see a little boy needed help.
Thankyou Thankyou is not enough, but what more can I say. God Bless You All And Keep You Safe Always.
Thursday will be a very difficult day as we say goodbye safe journey, to part of our beloved family, but I know they go with such love and good wishes with them.and I know they go because they want to give their little son the chance to walk, like most of us can.
Your Kindness will never be forgotton.
God Bless You Chris Shane and Harry, hurry home to us soon.
Love You Always. Mum xxx (Marguerite Bailey).


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