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Catch up

This post is a catch up of thank you’s to all the people who have been fantastic over last couple of week’s first are 1st Lamorbey Brownies who my two niece’s  Madison and Mimi are members, well done and thank you for doing the sponsored walk. Thank you too Martin Bouchard his wife Tina and Shannon and Georgia for all the hard work you have put in. Thank you too my sister Nicci for holding a raffle at her birthday party and for everyone who bought tickets. Thank you too Charlton School and Sheila for holding a sponsored swim and to all the Mum’s and Dad’s for letting the little one’s take part and getting sponsor’s. Thank you too Vicky Wilkinson at Eastcote School Welling for letting us have a stall at the school funday. My friend Ryan from work his Mum Val travelled down from Derbyshire to complete a 10k run in London… Well done and thank you Val too think you would do this for Harry when you have never even met us is amazing. Thank you too Zey a friend of shane’s who hosted a ladies night at her home for 25 friends and family and cooked a 3 course meal and held a raffle. Sorry that Kev and Julie’s sky dive was cancelled due to weather its re booked for 12th August good luck. Harry’s sister Charlotte’s school Rockliffe Manor held a sponsored walk at their sports day thank you to Mrs Vinante and Mrs Clifford for allowing this to happen and for also holding a non school uniform day on the 19th of July. We have had a quite a few cash and cheque donation’s from Family and Friends and also from Friends  of the St Marys Parish a Big Thank you to you all. Mention to Geoff and Sarah who donated a collection what was meant for the Newborn daughter and was collected at Geoff’s work congratulations and thank you for thinking of Harry.Thank you too all the kindhearted people who have donated online that don’t even know us. Again to all our family members and friends who are helping behind the scene to make this dream a reality.


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  1. Mrs Nicola Mardell said:

    I am Harry’s Auntie & I think my brother Chris & partner Shane are amazing. We are all feeling a bit knackered & stressed, after just 10 weeks of fund raising, but to see Harry walk, we will do anything. I would also like to say a big thank you to each & everyone of you that has donated or help along the way, to get Harry walking. Best wishes to you all. Nicci xxxx

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