This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

After the great Psychic night it was all hands to the pump or should i say to the carrier bag for a bag packing experience of a life time at Asda’s Bexleyheath Kent. Without you guys and girls that turned up and put in the effort we would have not raised a absolutely fabulous £1873.01. We cant thank you enough Gavin & Kathryn , Ann & Stan , Tina , Dawn and her girls Jamie & Toni , Clive , Pollyanna , Stuart , Pam , the two Linda’s , Maggie , The fabulous Drummond Family Who are John & Billie , lillie and the precious Poppy , Caroline who traveled all the way up from Maidstone.  And Family members.. Nicci , Madison , Mimi who came up on her 8th birthday , Jessie , Lisa & Alfie ,  Mum And Dad who are Amazing, Myself  Shane and Harry. Thank you too Asda’s for giving us this chance and too all the customers who donated money. Finally on this post one person who really wants to help in our campaign  but cant is Shane’s mum , Frances. Frances was 60 on Friday but was admitted to hospital the day before  She has been battling a illness for  over 15 years and this last three years have been absolutely  grueling for the family and obviously Frances herself ,  but she continues to battle away . So i just want to wish her well and i know i can speak on Shane’s behalf and say that she love’s her mum so very much !


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