This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

Our lovely new friend Karen from the Furze Wren in Bexleyheath has decided to have a fundraising week for our Harry,in collaboration with there 9th birthday celebrations…lots going on there,..lets hope its a great success,,Thanks Karen.

Comments on: "Week commencing 9th June!" (1)

  1. It is my absolute pleasure to help raise money for harry, he really deserves it..! Im not going anywhere untill the money is completly raised..! it may be a way off yet but i cannot wait to see him walk into the pub (and buy me a drink haha)

    If anyone is reading this please please please donate some money every little helps and the sooner harry can have this money the sooner he can have the operation, please tell all your friends and we can make this dream a reality soon!!

    much love

    karen xx

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