This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

We cant thank everyone enough who have donated to Our Harry’s Fund,a few big donations have been made and we dont want them to go unoticed,,a special thank you to The Gee family for your generous donation along with the anonymous donation we had earlier in the month Thank you to Si & Barb and The Woodside Vets. And to my Mum’s special Friend Jean and her husband Tom and Family for their continuing support xx. Last night we went to my Friend’s 25th wedding anniversary Mark & lesley Jacomb …On their special night Mark  got up on stage and told everyone about Harry and his appeal and announced he was going to have a raffle with the proceeds going into Harry’s fund,  Well we was gob smacked that Mark and Lesley wanted to do this for our family on what was their evening.The raffle raised £417.00 and thank you so much for those that bought tickets and those that just put money in for no tickets and those who provided the prizes and mark’s sons for selling the tickets …What a good night and a special Family xx


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