This site is dedicated to Helping Harry Bailey Walk

We have done it !!!!!!

In a whirlwind of 4 months and 4 days that Harry’s site has been up and running we have hit our target of £60,000 our family are utterly amazed in the generosity of so many people in such a short time. If  you are reading this and you have donated or helped in anyway to our son to our grandson to our brother or to our nephew’s cause then you have started a new journey in Harry’s life. We now as a family will now do all we can to ensure harry will fulfill his potential and the hard work will start from the moment Harry leaves that operating table on the 1st of November 2011 in a different country from which he was born. We as a family are under no illusion that this is a quick fix and we will have to work Harry hard and put him through strenuous physio and therapy regimes for years to come that most 3 year olds would never have to encounter, their will be tears and upset from Harry and from ourselves but it will be worth it to see our precious son slowly take the small steps to a better future. Words are not enough and thank you seems such a small return to all you people that have helped supported and dug deep into your pockets we owe so many people a debt of gratitude and i owe my partner Shane my rock our children my Mum and Dad and my Sister Nicci and her family so much for their support and hard work  and understanding. We love you all and all of you take care of the people that mean so much to you xxx


Comments on: "We have done it !!!!!!" (9)

  1. Alan Wyatt :-) said:

    Wow! What a fantastic bit of news!!!!!! Congratulations to all of Harry’s wonderful family and to little Harry!
    Please know that giving to Help Harry Walk was a privilege and may God shower Harry and you all with his strength and love in November and the years ahead!

  2. Debbie Ansary said:

    What an amazing achievement in such a short time! Through sheer determination, hardwork & believe look what you as a family have achieved!!! But it goes to the most deserved family I know! God bless u all and I can’t wait for the next stage in journey of little Harry’s journey to walking 🙂

  3. zey jennings said:

    Amazing, well done to you all. You all worked so hard. Keep us updated on Harry’s progress.
    We will be thinking of you all when you go in November.
    bless you all
    zey and family xx

  4. Dawn carden said:

    Wow wow 4 months amazing,you and shane both worked so hard to get there days and nights and still looking after your family and you both kept going never complained,hope your both very proud of yourselfs,i can not wait to see the day when harry can walk ,good luck to harry for his operation,you know where i am if you need anything x x dawn x x

  5. Dawn Carden xxx said:

    Just wanted to say wow wow amazing that it took so little time,but that also shows yours and shanes determination to get the amount needed for Harrys operation,i know you both worked so hard day and night and all the while still looking after your family,hope your both very proud of yourselfs too.Cant wait to see the day when Harry is walking around the local shops bless him,Wishing Harry good luck for his operation and for you and Shane to stay strong too.Lots of love Dawn xxx

  6. Thanks girls,nice to know you all care,and although theres alot of rehab for Harry once we are home,he has alot of determination so im sure it wont be too long before we are chasing him down the close!xxx

  7. Pam Garrett said:

    Hello from Cary, North Carolina USA. My daughter had her SDR at St.Louis in March 2009 & we met the Ford family from England whose son, Henry, had his SDR the same day as Caroline. Caroline still does PT twice a week and we are looking at some ortho “bone” surgery possibly this year to correct her thighs turning in-ward but NO regrets for doing SDR at St.Louis. They are so professional and have this procedure down to a science…there is a Ronald McDonald floor at the hospital with a kitchen, washer/dryers, TV room which was a nice place to take a break from the hospital room. Good luck to you—you are in our prayers! -Pam Garrett

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