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Great Weekend

Well what can I say a great weekend has been had by all,,on Saturday the sun was shining Nanny an Grandad Bailey an Auntie Nicci an kev and Mimi an Madison,Bradley an Charlotte and Victoria,me an chris all at the oval,sidcup..the Krispy kreme doughnuts sold very well,,and the tom bola was a sell out,,such beautiful teddies from Nicci,kev and girls,Victoria was fantastic I must say she done us proud with her customer relation skills..quick an efficient..kept nobody waiting..the kids shook them collection buckets all day all over the place and raised £236 bless em’..Harry wanted to go on the rides and eat cakes most of the day.and wasn’t impressed with balloons tied to his frame,lovely speaking to so many kind people,and close friends & family Auntie Lisa an Cousin Vicky an Kris with baby Coco,an Sonia an hubby popped along to support us..we done really well,thank you to all that helped make it happen..and Paul Castle from the Oval Jewelers for our pitch.

Sunday..what a change in the weather,,thank you to Hilary Ennis for our pitch at Samuel Montagu youth centre Eltham,the day could easily have been a total disater because of the constant rain but the family persevered and got wet an cold for Harry,and made a few hundred pounds by doing so..well done to them all..! Let’s look forward to next Saturday’s St Marys community Funday,welling we have a few stalls there,should be good fun!


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